Management Courses: "D"


Derek Sarluis

  • credits: 2.5 hrs Negotiating Successfully
    Format/Location: Seminar
    Date: Spring 2018

DAS Legal Protection Inc.

  • credits: 1 hr DAS Business - An Introduction
    Format/Location: Webinar
  • credits: 1 hr Legal Expense Insurance - Connection the Dots for Business Owners: Understanding Small Business Experience and Attitudes toward Legal Disputes

Davidson Consulting

  • credits: 4 hrs Mgmt & 3.5 hrs Tech Insurance Brokers: Duties and Responsibilities
    Format/Location: home study

Dawe & Associates

  • credits: 3 hrs Errors and Omissions: A Seminar for Front Line Personnel

Delfi Group, The

  • credits: 8 hrs Delfi Strategic Development Program
  • credits: 7.5 hrs Leadership and Ethics
  • credits: 6 hrs Management and Leadership
  • credits: 1.5 hrs Managers Do Things Right
  • credits: 7.5 hrs Managing Communications
  • credits: 15 hrs Milestones
  • credits: 15 hrs Performance
  • credits: 15 hrs Results Centred Leadership
  • credits: 6 hrs So You Want to be a Supervisor
  • credits: 1.5 hrs Stress Management for the Insurance Broker
  • credits: 15 hrs Successful Team Leadership - Developing People Skills
  • credits: 1 hr Taking Responsibility in Customer Relations

Donald Cooper Corporation, The

  • credits: 5.5 hrs Accelerate Your Business Workshop
    Format/Location: full day

DPA Communications Corp.

  • Various general computer courses available.

Durham College

  • Various business administration and management development courses available.
  • Various computer courses also available online and onsite.