Technical Courses: "E"


Eddy Home Inc.

  • credits: 2 hrs The Internet of Things and Water Damage Risk Reduction for Homeowners
    Format/Location: Seminar
  • credits: 2 hrs Overland Flooding and Smart Water Sensing Technology
    Format/Location: Seminar

Encon Group Inc.

  • credits: 1 hr Claims Handling Service
    Format/Location: Seminar
  • credits: 1.5 hrs Risk Management Webcast "Staying Ahead of the Curve"
    Format/Location: Webinar

Environmental Solutions Remediation Services

  • credits: 3 hrs Environmental Impacts and Insurance Issues
  • credits: 1.5 hrs Environmental Issues and Trucking Losses
  • credits: 1.5 hrs Mould Claims: Water Damage Claims Gone Bad
  • credits: 2 hrs Mould/Asbestos