Management Courses

Subjects pertaining to the RIB Act and Regulations, human resources, general management, accounting and generally topics relevant to the operation of a property & casualty insurance brokerage.

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Wilfred Laurier University – WLU Student Connections, Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship

  • Various general computer courses available.


  • credits: 2 hrs Behaviour Change Management & Technology

Witz Training

  • credits: 15 hrs Bizcom
    Format/Location: 4-day program or 5-day program
  • credits: 13 hrs SmartCoach
  • credits: 15 hrs SmartHR
  • credits: 15 hrs SmartLeader
  • credits: 15 hrs SmartManager
  • credits: 15 hrs SmartSupervisor

Working World Training Centre

  • Various General Computer Courses

YouGroup Inc.

  • credits: 6.5 hrs Recruitment & Selection
    Format/Location: Seminar
    Date: October 24, 2018