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Helpful Hints
  1. Take advantage of courses that are offered all year round. Course providers have let us know that the demand for courses often begins close to September when brokers are scrambling to get their hours. If you wait until the last minute you may not able to get into the courses you want. You must fulfil all of your continuing education requirements by September 30th or risk having your license suspended.
  2. RIBO management credits are also accepted towards your life continuing education requirements.
  3. Find out from the Principal Broker in your office if any of the insurers are offering their own RIBO accredited courses. This is one way to find interesting seminars that will assist you in your day-to-day operations.
  4. Consider creating a buddy system with another local office. Working together you could bring a course provider to your office to run a seminar.
  5. Consider online or home study courses.
  6. You are not limited to taking courses that are listed in the Continuing Education Summary.  As long as the course you wish to take in falls within any of the three categories (Management, Technical, Personal Skills) you can apply for RIBO accreditation.
  7. If your brokerage or association is having a guest speaker and their topic falls into any of our three categories, you can apply for RIBO accreditation.

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