Common Issues with Renewals

Common Issues with Renewals 

RIBO would like to acknowledge and thank all the individuals who have submitted their renewals so far. We have received several questions about the renewal process and this article will answer some of the more common ones.  

If you have not already submitted your renewal, we would appreciate that you first review the details below along with the content of the Renewal Centre to see if you can find the answers you need there. This will be the fastest way to get the answers you need. 

RIBO Follow Up Protocol  


Principal Brokers who have submitted their firm renewals and received a notice that RIBO will contact you because you answered “YES” to the renewal questions are advised that the follow up timelines have been delayed and RIBO staff will contact you later in the renewal season. We thank you for your continued patience.  


When you submitted your renewal, you may have received a notification that RIBO will contact you because you answered “YES” to the renewal questions. However, RIBO will not contact you if you answer “YES” to the following questions: 

Additional Industry Questions 

  • Do you sell commercial insurance (including, but not limited to, commercial fleet) using your RIBO license? 
  • Have you been trained on policies and procedures related to the Take-All-Comers rule for automobile insurance in Ontario? 

These two questions are designed to help us better understand the scope of these activities at the industry level and do not have an impact on your license renewal. 

Renewal Questions 

The following two renewal questions have raised questions with a number of brokers. Guidance to responding these questions can be found below. 

At the time of completing this form, do you still need to complete your continuing education hours for the term ending September 30th?”  

Answer YES if you have not yet met the annual CE requirement for the 2021/22 license year. In other words, you still have courses to take between now and September 30th. 

Answer NO if you have completed all your CE hours for the 2021/22 license year OR if you were first licensed between Oct 1, 2021, and Sept 30, 2022. 

“Are you paid commissions through a registered personal tax corporation registered with RIBO? If the personal tax corporation is not registered as a non-active firm, please contact for an application.”  

A small number of brokers in Ontario have opted to set up corporations for tax purposes. In these cases, commissions earned are paid directly to the corporation rather than to the broker as an individual. Such corporations need to be registered with RIBO as a “non-active firms”.  An insurance brokerage is not considered a personal tax corporation. 

Answer YES to this question if you have set up a corporation which earns revenue from insurance commissions as described above. If you answered YES but have not registered this corporation with RIBO please contact

Answer NO if you do not have such a corporation and are paid salary from your employer and or receive commissions money paid to you personally. 

Unique Emails or Email in Use 

RIBO will be adding two-factor authentication in the near future, as part of this you will need a second email address so that codes and password reset credentials can be sent to you in case you don’t have access to your business email address. This email can be a Hotmail address or Gmail which can be set up for free.