RIBO would like to extend our gratitude for the submissions we received following the RIBO Principal Broker Responsibilities Review & Consultation. The goal of the consultation was to identify ways in which RIBO could better support Principal Brokers (PBs) in their roles and by extension, better protect and serve the public. One of the important ways RIBO supports PBs is through the Principal Broker Handbook.

The Principal Broker Handbook provides information on how to adhere to the Registered Insurance Brokers Act (RIB Act), Regulations, and By-Laws, and sets out industry best practices and RIBO expectations for our members. RIBO staff undertook a review of the Principal Broker Handbook to identity areas of improvement and ensure it aligns with current regulatory best practices, as well as reflects the ongoing evolution of insurance industry. 

RIBO invites you to review the proposed changes to the Principal Broker Handbookand provide comments on how it might be improved.   Please provide any written comments and feedback via email by March 15, 2022 to 

Please review and download a copy of the updated Principal Broker Handbook.

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