RIBO Level 2 – Unrestricted Accelerated Management

RIBO is excited to announce the new Accelerated Management Exam (“AME”) for qualified candidates who want to be licensed as a Principal Broker, Deputy Principal Broker, or Supervising Broker beginning in 2023.

90 Minutes · Section 1: The Registered Insurance Act, Regulations, and By-laws exam (20 multiple-choice questions).

· Section 2: Form 1 – Position Report (15 marks).

75 %*

*minimum of 75% overall and 75% in each section.

Please review the eligibility criteria for this exam carefully. If you write the new AME exam and it is later determined you did not qualify – no refunds will be issued and you will be required to write the full Unrestricted Management examination.


To qualify for the Accelerated Management Exam an individual must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Non-Ontario residents: Individuals must hold the appropriate level of license in another province that would qualify them to act as a Principal Broker, Designated Representative or Designated Individual of a licensed agency or brokerage; or,
  • Ontario residents: Individuals must hold a RIBO Unrestricted Technical or FSRA OTL license and must have completed their full CAIB designation or CIP designation (must include C132) and have a minimum of 2 years working experience as an insurance broker/agent; or
  • Does not currently hold an agent/broker license: Individuals should have a minimum of four years Management experience working for a P&C Insurance Company or P&C Managing General Agent. Any unlicensed individuals must receive approval from the Policy, Licensing, & Standards Department (formerly the Qualification and Registration Department) and can request approval by emailing a copy of their resume and copies of any insurance designations to licensing@ribo.com

If you write this examination and it is later determined you did not qualify, you will not qualify for the Unrestricted RIBO registration. If an individual is unsure if they qualify for the exam, they can email a copy of their resume and copies of any insurance designations/licenses to licensing@ribo.com for confirmation.


What is the difference between AME and the Unrestricted Management Exam?

The Unrestricted Management Exam consists of three sections:

  • Section 1: The Registered Insurance Act, Regulations, and By-laws exam
  • Section 2: Administration and Finance
  • Section 3: Form 1 – Position Report

While the Accelerated Management Exam consists of only two sections:

  • Section 1: The Registered Insurance Act, Regulations, and By-laws exam
  • Section 2: Form 1 – Position Report


What study materials do I need to prepare for this exam?

Though the AME does not include questions regarding Brokerage Administration and Finance, both the C132, Practical Issues in Broker Management and CAIB IV, Brokerage Management course texts are recommended as exam preparation or self-study materials for this exam.

Additional self study materials are available for download in the broker resources section of the website:

  • The RIB Act, Ontario Regulations 989, 990 and 991, RIBO By-laws
  • Guidelines to Assist in Completing FORM 1/Form 1 Position Report
  • Guidelines on Marketing Practices

I have passed sections 1 and 3 of the Unrestricted Management Exam. Does this mean I have passed the Accelerated Management Exam?

  • No, RIBO will not accept any results from the Unrestricted Management Exam toward the Accelerated Management Exam.

I have previously passed the RIB Act, Regulations, and Bylaws exam. Can I waive section 1 of Accelerated Management Exam?

  • No, you must write the entire Accelerated Management Exam to be eligible for licensing or to upgrade your existing license.

How many times can I rewrite the AME?

  • You may attempt the exam twice with each exam provider. Following the 2nd failed attempt with the same exam provider you will be subject to an 8-month waiting period. A full 8 months must pass after your second failed attempt before being eligible to write that exam with that provider.
  • g., Sally wrote two exams with the Insurance Institute. She can either wait eight months after her second failed attempt before reattempting the exam with the Insurance Institute. Alternatively, she can immediately access her two attempts at this exam with the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario.

If I do not pass the AME, after two attempts, can I write the full Unrestricted Management Exam?

  • The rewrite policy would apply. Individuals will not be eligible to take the full Unrestricted Management Exam unless they wait for a full 8 months.