Level 2 – Technical Farm

Exam Length: 3 Hours

Exam Format:

  • Part A: Insurance Concepts, Principles + Practices (20 Multiple Choice Questions)
  • Part B: 6 Long Answers (60 Marks)
  • Part C: 10 Form Recognition Questions (20 Marks)

Passing Grade:

  • 75% Overall Grade
  • 60% Overall in each part
  • Failure to obtain the passing grade in each section will require a rewrite of all three sections.

Eligibility to Write the Exam:

  • Active RIBO Entry License.
  • Please refer to the RIBO Exam Rules for more exam eligibility details.

This exam is not required for you to upgrade your license. Instead, it is designed to further your knowledge and skills regarding this class of insurance. This additional qualification could improve your opportunities.

A Farm policy wording booklet is provided with the exam.

Upon completion of the RIBO exam, results will be provided to you by the exam provider once they are available. Please do not contact RIBO for your exam results.

How to Apply to Write the Examination

You can register for a RIBO exam with the following exam providers:

Candidates are eligible to rewrite within the 8-month period following their first examination per exam provider. Candidates after two failed attempts are subject to an 8-month waiting period following their second failed attempt with the same service provider.

Self-Study Resources – Technical Exam

Individuals who prefer to study on their own may find the following resources useful:

Please carefully read the Exam Standards.