RIBO has contracted with the Insurance Institute of Canada to administer select RIBO examinations online using their examinations platform and a virtual proctoring service. A limited number of spaces are available each month for those wishing to use this option. As the online process incurs more costs, the fee for the online exams is $250. There are a limited number of spots available on a first come first serve basis every month. It is very important that you fully read and understand the following instructions:

How virtual proctoring works:

The virtual proctoring service allows the exam to be written from any location of choice (i.e. home, office) within the scheduled examination period.

  • The exam is accessed with a personal computer (laptop or desktop operating Windows or Mac OS)
  • Tablets and pads such as Apple iPads cannot be used to write the online exam
  • Candidates must download and install proctoring system applications that provides access to the computer’s camera and microphone
  • The entire exam session is recorded using the candidate’s computer microphone and camera
  • A live proctor and the proctoring system software monitor the candidate’s behavior and activities during the session

Technical Requirements:

  • Laptop or personal computer operating Windows or Mac OS (no mobile devices or tablets)
  • Microphone and camera (headset mics are not permitted)
  • Stable high-speed internet connection
  • Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Flash (or enable in Chrome or Firefox browser)
  • Ability to download and install software on the computer

If you are using a non-owned computer:

Verify you have the owner’s permission to download and install the following:

  • ProctorU’s browser extension application
  • LogMeIn123 application
  • Flash (if not already installed or enabled in Chrome or Firefox)
  • Ensure you have permission for the proctor to take control of the computer via LogMeIn and adjust certain settings.

To verify technical requirements are met or for further information, please visit: ProctorU Support Equipment Requirements

If choosing the online exam option, note the following considerations:

  • Policy wordings are not included in the online exam and you will not be permitted to use your own copy of the wordings
  • There will be an additional charge of $100 payable to RIBO if you fail to register through the Insurance Institute of Canada’s system for an exam date/time or reschedule or miss your scheduled exam date/time
  • Valid government issued photo ID (e.g. Driver’s License, passport) must be shown to the proctor to verify your identity
  • You are authorizing RIBO to release your full name, address, phone number, and email address to the Insurance Institute of Canada to register for the exam
  • Candidates are required to abide by all RIBO and Insurance Institute of Canada examination policies, rules, and regulations during the online exam
  • No external aids such as a dictionary, calculator, pens/pencils are allowed during the examination period

To proceed with the online examination process, please click here: Online Examination Check