This page applies to the renewal of Firm licenses (including non-active firms, MGAs, wholesalers and consultants.), if you are an individual broker looking for information on how to renew your license, please see our dedicated Renew Checklist for Individuals page.

Before you start your renewal process, be sure you have the following:

1.           Access to the RIBO Membership Portal

It is recommended that you confirm you are able to log into the Membership Portal before you intend to renew. See the Access to Membership Portal page for more information.

2.           Updated employee list for your firm

3.           Confirm if you are enrolled in the Bulk Payment process

In addition to paying the Firm License Fee, some brokerages also pay the Individual License Fees for all their licensed employees. To make this easy, RIBO offers a Bulk Payment option where a single payment can be made for all employees.

All firms are automatically enrolled in the bulk payment program unless they opted out in a previous year. To opt out for the current year and going forward, firms must opt out prior to August 11th, 2023.

Please note, if you own a non-active firm you must pay for the non-active firm license as it is not included in the firm’s bulk payment. Failure to pay the fee will result in the non-active firm being deregistered. 

For more information about Bulk Renewal Payments, including how to remove individual brokers or how to opt out, see Bulk Renewal Payments

4.           Valid Method of Payment

We accept online credit card payment via Visa or MasterCard, or, for Bulk Payments over $10,000, a cheque can be mailed. See Fees and Payments.

For more information about the renewal process, please visit the RIBO Renewal Centre