Update: New Continuing Education Program

Effective October 1, 2018

As previously announced, an update to the Continuing Education program was effective October 1, 2018. Although there was no change to the number of hours required by individuals and Principal Brokers, the minimum and maximum number of hours per category was updated. The new category limits were made to reflect the changes in the industry and to ensure that brokers remain up to date.

The new program also includes a new “Ethics” category, defined as:
Subjects relating to the rules or standards that govern decisions on a daily basis. Topics should examine ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment, such as recognizing and managing situations that could result in a conflict or potential conflict with the professional and legal obligations to the consumer.

Updated minimum and maximum category hours are:

Category Individual Principal Broker, Deputy Principal Broker, Supervising Broker
Ethics Minimum 1 hr Minimum 1 hr
Management Maximum 4 hrs Minimum 5 hrs
Technical Minimum 3 hrs Maximum 4 hrs
Personal Skills Maximum 2 hrs Not eligible

*Individuals: personal skills credits hours are not mandatory. If Personal Skills credits hours are to be applied to maintain CE compliance, only a maximum of 2 hours can be applied. Principal Brokers, Deputy Principal Brokers, and Supervising Brokers: Personal Skills credits cannot be applied towards CE compliance.

Accredited Courses can be found on our website:

Helpful Tips

  • Consider online courses.
  • RIBO management credits are also accepted towards your the FSCO life license continuing education requirements.
  • Find out from the Principal Broker in your office if any of the insurers are offering their own RIBO accredited courses. This is one way to find interesting seminars that will assist you in your day-to-day operations.
  • Consider creating a buddy system with another local office. Working together you could bring a course provider to your office to run a seminar.
  • You are not limited to taking courses that are listed under “Accredited Courses”. As long as the course you wish to take falls within any of the four categories (Ethics, Management, Technical, Personal Skills) you can apply for RIBO accreditation.
  • If your brokerage or association is having a guest speaker and their topic falls into any of the categories, application can be made for RIBO accreditation