Personal Skills – Updates to Continuing Education Requirements

As of April 1, 2022, Continuing Education (CE) courses in the Personal Skills Category are deemed to fall under the newly titled category of Professional Development. Advertising or self-promotion courses will not be approved. 

Mandatory Completion of Continuing Education Hours

No changes are being made to the number of mandatory CE hours. A maximum of 2 hours of Professional Development skills may be applied by individuals seeking to obtain the required 8 hours per year of mandatory CE credits (there is no minimum requirement for the Professional Development category). Principal Brokers and Deputy Principal Brokers are not permitted to use Professional Development Skills credits toward the completion of their CE.

Professional Development Skills Definition

Current Skills Category & Definition Updated Skills Category & Definition (as of April 1, 2022)
PERSONAL SKILLS   Subjects pertaining to skills required to function efficiently in a property & casualty insurance brokerage office as a customer service representative or as a producer. Subjects would include, but not limited to, sales and marketing skills, and communication and writing skills. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT   Subject relating to the skills required to provide excellent customer service to prospective or current clients throughout the life cycle of the insurance products. Subjects would include, but not limited to, sales, engaging consumers, communication, and writing skills.  

Courses that could be accredited under the Professional Development Category, include:

  • Sale practices to better serve prospective or current clients (e.g., gathering information, identifying insurance needs, negotiations)
  • Communication and writing skills (e.g., empathy, methods of communication)
  • Customer service (e.g., listening to the consumer, conflict resolution, managing expectations)
  • Evaluating customer service metrics and process improvement

Courses or topics that will no longer be approved* under this category include:

  • Self-help or motivation courses 
  • CRM or Broker rating tool courses
  • Generic work skills (e.g., Microsoft suite, etc.)
  • Advertising or self-promotion courses will continue to not to be approved. 

*Courses that were previously accredited under “Personal Skills” category are still valid for a period of three years from the date of accreditation and will now be treated as “Professional Development” courses.