Any firm (sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation) that conducts business from a location other than the head office on a regular basis, such as associates operating from their homes, must consider these locations as branch offices. All such locations MUST be included in the firm’s supervisory procedures. Care must be taken with respect to home offices to ensure a meaningful level of support and management is provided by the Principal Broker and any Deputy Principal Broker.

Information that will be required from the Principal Broker to update RIBO records on branch locations include:

  • Address, telephone and fax numbers.
  • Who is responsible for this location? Is the Principal Broker responsible or has a Deputy Principal Broker has been appointed for this location? And if appointed, who has been appointed?
  • A listing of individuals working from this location.
  • Whether or not the branch location is to receive separate mailings from RIBO or is all mail to be directed to the Principal Broker at head office.