Before you get started, please review this checklist and information guide, so that you know what to expect.

    You will be required to complete a Criminal Record Check and can do so as part of the application process.
    Please notify your brokerage that your Principal Broker will be receiving an auto authorization email from RIBO as part of the licensing application process.
  • 4) Please ensure you have the completed Employee Confirmation Letter Employment Confirmation Letter signed by Principal Broker or Deputy Principal broker at the brokerage you are employed with.

  • 5) If you will have employment in addition to that of an insurance broker:

    a. complete the appropriate Secondary Business Exemption Form


    b. obtain support from your Principal Broker for your other employment.

  • 6) If you have had a previous bankruptcy, please ensure you have copies of the following:

    brief explanation why you were in a position to claim bankruptcy

    Consumer proposal or plan of arrangement

    Copy of your most recent Statement of Affairs

    Copy of discharge

  • 8) We highly recommend you review our User Guide to fully understand payment options available to you or your brokerage.