Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Ballantyne

Corporate Services Associate / EA to the CEO
Lise Clements


Finance & Corporate Services

Director, Finance & Corporate Services

Mark Abraham

Senior Accounting Associate

Erica Lo

Office Administrator
Valrie Bailey


Compliance, Conduct & Investigations

Director, Compliance, Conduct & Investigations

Sharon Seenath

Legal Coordinator
Angela Daley

Manager, Compliance, Conduct & Investigations
Jorge Guzman

Melissa Forward

Complaints Officer
Barbara Reid


Compliance Coordinator
Diana Campoli

Senior Investigator
Michael Buck

Senior Investigator
Debbie Lee

Senior Investigator
Wendy Wu

Policy, Licensing and Standards

Director, Policy, Licensing and Standards
Jessica Harper

Manager, Licensing
Tracy Cullen

Senior Licensing Officer
Laurie Reynolds

CE Standards Advisor
Calvin Chan

Policy Advisor
Christopher Casey

Senior Licensing Officer 
Irene Chung

Licensing Officer 
Vera Raposo

Licensing Officer 
Meagan Mienstra

Enterprise Technology

Director, Enterprise Technology
Sam Natur

Technology Administrator
Christopher Thorn

Senior PowerApps Developer
Joseph Cabanes