RIBO has contracted with the Insurance Institute of Ontario and the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) to administer select RIBO examinations. It is recommended that individuals planning to write an examination carefully review the RIBO Exam Standards for their examination.

Registering for the Exam

  1. Choose whether you want to write the exam online or in-person.
  1. If you are applying for an equivalency exam please review RIBO’s equivalency guide. In some cases you may be required to request an equivalency review based on your qualifications. Please contact equivalency@ribo.comfor more information.

Examination Results

Online examinations administered by the Institute are marked electronically and the grades will be provided to the candidate by the Institute.

Paper-based examinations written through the IBAO will be marked by RIBO examiners. RIBO will communicate results to candidates by email within two weeks of the exam sitting. For confidentiality reasons, examination result information will not be released by telephone.


Re-marks for exams written after April 1, 2021, are only available for Level 2 unrestricted-technical and unrestricted-management exams.

Rewrite Policy

Candidates are eligible to rewrite within the 8-month period following their first examination per exam provider. Candidates after two failed attempts are subject to an 8-month waiting period following their second failed attempt with the same service provider. Previous attempts prior to May 1, 2021, will not count against the candidate. Exam results will be invalid and will not count towards licensing if an individual attempts any exam(s) more than twice in an 8-month period with any single exam provider. No refunds will be provided for such individuals.

After your Exam

Successful completion of required examinations does not authorize you to act as a Broker. See RIBO’s licensing page for more information: https://www.ribo.com/individual-licensing/

Please note, that at this time that direct registration for the RIBO level 2 Management and Technical exams is only available through the IBAO. In the coming months, these exams will be available for direct registration online. Online registration for remaining exams including Unrestricted–Technical and Unrestricted–Management exams are expected to launch later this year. Please out to RIBO at support@ribo.com if you require assistance registering for a Level 2 exam.