Message from RIBO’s President, Hugh Fardy

As we approach the two-year anniversary of the pandemic, a return to normal is in sight with restrictions and mandates on schedule to be lifted by the end of the month. It has been a long and challenging road and I thank each of you for your unwavering dedication to supporting the Ontario public.

Throughout this time, RIBO has been undergoing a transformational modernization of our processes, technologies, and policies. The one thing that has not and will not change is RIBO’s commitment to regulating the industry and serving the public to the highest standard. We have proudly and successfully served the public and our members with integrity and professionalism since 1981, earning our reputation as a trusted regulatory body. RIBO’s transformation has been focused on updating and streamlining operational functions to improve the day-to-day user experience of both our licensees and staff.

The pandemic created the opportunity for RIBO to implement new IT systems and move away from paper-based processes. We are working to completely update our technology to strengthen security and increase efficiencies, thus allowing our employees to complete their work with a minimum of unnecessary administration. In late 2020, RIBO hired a new Director of IT to lead this initiative and to maintain the new IT system moving forward. We appreciate that learning how to use new digital tools can be challenging, so we will also focus on training employees on our new systems and protocols, as well as our updated security and privacy policies.

RIBO is also considering other opportunities for organizational improvements, for example, ensuring our mission, values, and vision reflect the RIBO of today. We’re committed to ensuring our workplace is a positive and collaborative environment for our employees and licensees and believe these refinements will strengthen our ability to do so. These are transformative and exciting times for RIBO. Everything we are doing today will strengthen RIBO and help us to better fulfill our commitment to public protection and customer service for decades to come.