Individual brokers are required to obtain 8 hours (10 hours for Principal Brokers/Deputy Principal Broker/Supervising Broker) of continuing education during each license year.

The deadline date for compliance with the continuing education requirements is September 30th. You must however still complete the online renewal questionnaire by August 31st of each renewal term.

In some cases this may mean that you are completing your renewal without having completed your continuing education requirements. In such cases, you will answer “Yes” to the question “At the time of completing this form, do you still need to complete your continuing education hours for the term ending September 30th?” and you will be required to submit copies of your continuing education certificates via email to RIBO once completed (by September 30th to maintain compliance).

For more information about Continuing Education visit our Continuing Education page.

For more information about the renewal process please visit the RIBO Renewal Centre