RIBO’s Exam Evolution: Promising Results in Level 1- Acting Under Supervision Pilot Phase

In a significant stride towards advancing the standards and qualifications of insurance professionals, the ongoing pilot phase for the Level 1 Acting Under Supervision exam changes by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) has yielded highly encouraging results.

Seamless Exam Experience: No Impact on Exam Time

A pivotal outcome of the pilot phase is the seamless experience reported by many candidates. Despite the introduction of new questions to the exam, candidates, on average, are completing the test within the expected timeframe. This achievement underscores the effective integration of more questions without necessitating any additional time for candidates. The commitment to maintaining efficiency ensures that the examination process remains accessible and fair for all participants.

Consistent Performance: Pass Rates Hold Steady

Another noteworthy accomplishment is the consistent performance of candidates, with pass rates remaining within the average observed over the past year. This stability indicates that candidates are adeptly navigating the nuances of the new exam format. The absence of a decline in overall performance affirms the successful alignment of the exam with contemporary industry demands.

Changes starting January 1, 2024, Increase the number of scored questions & increased exam fees The exam will increase from 90 to 100 scored questions. One notable development is the strategic shift in exam categories to align with blueprint percentages. The breakdown of the new exam categories reflects a deliberate effort to bring them closer to the blueprint percentage targets:

· General (47 questions)

· Habitational (24 questions, including 6 new questions)

· Automobile (24 questions, including 4 new questions)

· Travel Health (5 questions)

The exam will be adjusted over the next year to ensure that the exam accurately assesses candidates’ knowledge in proportion to industry priorities. RIBO aims to introduce a Commercial category with up to 20%, a General Insurance and Industry Knowledge category with up to 25%, Habitational and Automobile categories with up to 25% each, and a Travel category with 5% by the end of 2024, aligning with the exam blueprint percentages.

Refinement through Feedback: Continuous Improvement

As the pilot phase progresses, RIBO remains dedicated to continuous improvement. Valuable insights gathered from candidates serve as a foundation for further refinement of the exam content. This iterative process ensures that the examination aligns not only with current industry practices but also with the evolving needs of aspiring insurance brokers. The collaborative effort involving industry experts, educators, and candidates remains instrumental in shaping an exam that upholds the highest standards of excellence.

Future Transparency: Keeping Stakeholders Informed

Looking ahead, RIBO reaffirms its commitment to transparency by keeping stakeholders informed about any further developments and updates related to the exam changes. This commitment extends to all parties involved, including candidates, educators,

and industry experts, fostering an open dialogue that contributes to the ongoing success of the examination enhancements.

The early signs of a successful pilot phase stands as a testament to RIBO’s unwavering dedication to excellence in the insurance profession. By prioritizing a seamless exam experience, maintaining consistent pass rates, and incorporating valuable feedback, RIBO ensures that the Level 1 Acting Under Supervision exam remains a robust benchmark for aspiring insurance brokers in Ontario.