The information below is designed to allow individuals to determine which examinations they are required to write as part of qualifying for a RIBO license. 

Applying for a Level 1 License

Eligibility for Individuals Who Hold:

  • A current out-of-province license general Property & Casualty (P&C) license (see provincial licensing guide below) or;
  • Those who hold an Other-Than-Life (OTL) insurance agent license with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA).

Individuals who don’t hold a current agent license, such as those employed as Underwriters or Adjusters, may be eligible for an equivalency. These individuals may submit the following information/documentation for review:

  1. Resume outlining experience to-date
  2. Copy of any P&C designations held, e.g., CAIB or CIP

The above can be sent to

Exam Requirements

  • Individuals who are currently employed and licensed in another jurisdiction (or have been employed within the last year) are eligible to write the RIB Act & Regulations and By-Laws + RIBO Ontario Auto equivalency exams.
  • Individuals who are currently employed and hold an active OTL license (with FSRA) (or have been employed within the last year) are eligible to write the RIB Act & Regulations and By-Laws equivalency exam.

Applying for a Level 2 License

Eligibility for existing RIBO licensees:

  • Existing registrants/licensees are eligible to write the Level 2 (Technical/Commercial) Exam.
  • Level 3 (Management) Exam: Individuals must be actively working with a Level 1 license for a minimum of two years before attempting this examination. If individuals choose to take this exam beforehand, it will not be valid and individual will need to rewrite once eligible
  • Though not a mandatory exam, some individuals may wish to write the Farm Technical examination to further their qualifications.

Please refer to the RIBO Exam Rules for more details

Exam Requirements for Existing RIBO Licensees

Individuals with any of the following designations may qualify for an exemption from the Level 2 (Technical/Commercial) Exam: CAIB, CIP, FCIP, CCIB and CRM.

Effective August 10, 2022, individuals are no longer required to submit a Principal Broker support letter as part of their Level 2 Technical exam waiver request. Level 1 license holders who have completed one of the following designations: CAIB, CIP, FCIP, CCIB and CRM can now apply to have their license upgraded. If you hold a Level 1 license, and are currently working toward a designation, you can also apply for a Level 2 Unrestricted -Technical Only license after completing the following courses: CAIB 1, 2, and 3 (must have completed and passed all 3 courses); or, CIP Courses: C130 and C131 (must have completed and passed both courses).

You can apply and request your license upgrade, by emailing and quoting “Technical Examination Waiver – Your Name – Your License Number” in the subject line of the email. Include course transcripts or a copy of your diploma as proof that you meet the eligibility requirements.

Non-Ontario resident individuals who hold a level 3 license in their home jurisdiction are also encouraged to apply to have their RIBO license upgraded.

Eligibility for Out of Province licensees seeking a level 2 unrestricted license to be a Principal Broker for a firm

  • The two-year waiting period will be waived for individuals who are actively licensed and have been employed in another jurisdiction for more than two years.
  • See guide below for more information, including requirements for holding a “Principal Broker or Unrestricted Level 2 plus Management license”.

Exam Requirements for Out of Province licensees

  • In addition to meeting the Level 1 licensing criteria, certain out of province licensees may qualify for an exemption from the Level 2 (Technical/Commercial” Exam (see guide below for eligibility for exemption from this exam based on your home province’s license).
  • Out of province licensees seeking a Principal Broker designation must successfully complete the RIBO Level 3 (Management) Exam and Ontario Automobile examination.

Provincial Licensing Guide

Below is a guide for out of province applicants who hold a license in their home jurisdiction.

Level 1 – Entry Level Broker, Acting Under Supervision

  • If you hold one of the following licenses in your home jurisdiction you may be eligible for a Level 1 license in Ontario, following the successful completion of the RIBO Auto & RIB Act Equivalency Exams.
AlbertaGeneral Level 1 or Level 2 Agent
British ColumbiaLevel 1 General Insurance Salesperson  
ManitobaLevel 1  General Insurance Salesperson  
New BrunswickClass 1 Broker, Class 2 Broker, or Special
Newfoundland & Labrador  Level 1 or Level 2  Broker
Northwest Territories  General  Insurance Agent
Nova Scotia  Level 1  General Insurance Agent
Ontario (FSRA)  OTL (Other Than Life) * 
Prince Edward Island  General  
Quebec  Personal Lines  Damage Insurance
Saskatchewan  Level 1  Agent
Yukon  Salesperson or Broker  

Level 2 – Technical/Commercial

  • If you hold one of the following licenses in your home jurisdiction you may be eligible to waive the technical exam requirement for qualifying for a Level 2 license in Ontario.
  • Out of province licensees seeking a Principal Broker designation must successfully complete the RIBO Level 3 (Management) Exam. 
AlbertaLevel 2 Agent
British ColumbiaLevel 2 or Level 3 Agent
ManitobaLevel 2 or Level 3  Agent
New BrunswickClass 3 Broker or Class 4 Broker  
Newfoundland & Labrador  Level 3  Broker
Nova Scotia  Level 2 or Level 3  General Insurance Agent
Quebec  Full Sector Damage or Commercial Lines  Damage
Saskatchewan  Level 2 or Level 3  Agent

*OTL agents are exempted from the RIBO Auto Equivalency exam