RIB Act, Regulations, and By-laws Equivalency Exam

Exam Length: 45 Minutes

Exam Format: 20 Multiple-choice questions

Passing Grade: 75%

Eligibility to Write the Exam:

Writing this equivalency exam is the first step in becoming a licensed insurance broker in Ontario for candidates who have previous experience as Broker and/or significant insurance industry experience. The exam covers the following topics: RIB Act, Regulations, and By-laws.

If you write the equivalency exam and it is later determined you did not qualify for the exam – no refunds will be issued and you will not qualify for RIBO registration. 

Upon completion of the RIBO exam, results will be provided to you by your exam service provider once they are available. Please do not contact RIBO for your exam results.

How to Apply to Write the Examination

You can register for a RIBO exam with the following exam providers:

Candidates are eligible to rewrite within the 8-month period following their first examination per exam provider. Candidates after two failed attempts are subject to an 8-month waiting period following their second failed attempt with the same service provider.

Self Study

If you consider self-study use the following resources RIBO By-Laws No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, RIB Act, Ontario Regulation 989, 990, 991. RIBO doesn’t offer any courses but organizations like the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) or the Insurance Institute of Ontario (IIO) have some that you can take. Please visit their websites for more information.