Upon completion of the Entry Level or Equivalency examination, an individual is eligible with the restriction of “Acting Under Supervision”. A broker who is restricted to “Acting Under Supervision” cannot control trust funds, act as a “Principal Broker”, or operate as a sole proprietor.

New registrants are restricted to “General Insurance Other Than Accident & Sickness” (RIBO By-law No. 1, Part XV, Section 15.4). Accident & Sickness insurance is most commonly included as part of a Life Insurance Agent’s License from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. The Commission has a specific Accident & Sickness examination. The Accident & Sickness restriction can be removed from a RIBO registration by submitting a copy of a current life license including Accident & Sickness or evidence of passing the Accident & Sickness examination.

Also, new registrants who pass the current Entry level examination with a minimum of 60% in the Travel Health section of the examination may sell Travel Health Insurance. Individuals who are not successful may write a separate Travel Health examination.

The restriction of “Acting Under Supervision” can be removed by passing the second level of examinations, the “Unrestricted – Technical” and the “Unrestricted – Management”.